Caesarea Golf Club

Caesarea, Israel

Timothy Liddy was the project architect for Pete Dye on this total remodel of the golf course in Caesarea, Israel.  Tim worked with Mr. Dye to create a new golf course within the envelope of the existing golf course  using new corridors and golf course features on this historic site.  It was completed in the spring of 2009 for the Caesarea  Development Corporation.  It includes many characteristics of a Dye design and is the only 18 hole golf course located in Israel.  

As a model for environmental stewardship, the golf course manages and filters the storm water run-off of the neighboring residential before it enters the lower water aquifer.  The remodeled golf course also reestablished native vegetation and removed unwanted invasive plant species.  Paspalum turf, a salt tolerant grass, was used throughout the golf course. This enabled irrigating the golf course with brackish water and reducing the potable water demand for all of Caesarea.

Buli Party 027.JPG

Golf Hole #6, Par 3, 147 Meters

Caesarea 15th, 16th, & 17th flags portrait0079.jpg

View of #15 green and golf hole #16

Caesarea 17th tee to green & clughouse0077.jpg

Golf Hole #17, Par 3, 189 Meters

Caesarea unknown green0092.jpg

Golf Hole #16, Par 4, 421 Meters

Golf Hole #4 green site