The Duke's St Andrews

St Andrews, Scotland

Golf Magazine

“Latest reports on the transformation of the Duke’s Golf Course which has been fully re-opened, suggest that it displays all the hallmarks and virtues of a heathland masterpiece and offers a timeless test of skills.

 Its style, cleverly defined by American designer Tim Liddy, ranks rightfully alongside the great inland championship challenges which demand accuracy and inventive play as well as power golf.

The philosophy, which all the great architects observed in their designs, placed heavy emphasis on strategy -even bunkers were used to indicate positional play and not as harsh penalties.

The Duke’s Golf Course brings the principle of intelligent shot making back into the game.  Liddy has added flexibility to the challenge with the creation of five separate tees and in doing so, has made the course appealing to golfers at every level.

 Thus, in the most famous and revered part of the world where the royal and ancient has its seaside origins, it is appropriate that the finest example of heathland golf in its traditional form should sit comfortably alongside its neighbor to offer every golfer the perfect balance and complete golf experience”

Dukes 3.jpg

Golf Hole #3, Par 3, 171 yards

DUKES 16TH_2.jpg

Golf Hole #16, Par 3, 231 yards


Bunkers along the right side of golf hole #1

Duke's 3rd_2.jpg

Approach shot into golf hole #2, par 4, 451 yards