Marshwood Golf Course

The Landings

Skidaway Island, Georgia

Timothy Liddy remolded this original Arnold Palmer design in 2003 for the Landings Company on Skidaway Island, Georgia. A entirely new golf course was designed and constructed with new drainage, grassing, greens, bunkers and tees. Extensive meetings with the membership in the development of the Master Plan for the golf course was an essential part of the success of this project.


Tim McDonald, National Golf Editor

β€œThe Marshwood Course combines many of the best elements of the other five courses. First of all, aesthetically, it has some of the better views of the marshes that envelop much of Skidaway Island, like on No. 2, where the green at the par 5 is framed beautifully by the ever-changing marsh colors. The greens are some of the best on the island, and some are huge and multi-tiered, with well-crafted slope and undulation.

What sets Marshwood apart are the mounds that border and influence many of the green surrounds. You don't have to fire at the flag repeatedly; you can use the mounds and humps around the greens to funnel your approach shots toward the hole. It can be a blast when you wield your 7-iron like a pool cue.”

"Marshwood is a fun golf course to play," Head Professional Jim Hazel said. "It's got a good mixture of long and short holes and it gets you out by the marsh. To me, it's one of my favorites."


Golf Hole #16,  Par 3, 175 Yards


Golf Hole #12,  Par 3, 185 Yards


Golf Hole #11, Par 4, 451 Yards


Golf Hole #17, Par 4, 334 Yards