Princess Anne Country Club

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Timothy Liddy developed a Master Plan with the Princess Anne Country Club committee members over a 3 month period. The committee reviewed every tee, bunker, fairway and green for importance and relevance to its membership.  A budget and plan of improvements was presented and approved by the general membership in late 2006. Construction was completed through the summer of 2007, with the club opening in the Spring of 2008.

The golf course was remodeled with emphasis on classic design elements and strategic elements.  Iconic views out to the surrounding ocean inlets were reestablished on several golf holes.

 It ranked eighth of the “Best New Remodels” by Golf Digest in 2009.  Also, The Virginia Senior Amateur Championship was held at Princess Anne Country Club in 2009.

He did a wonderful job for us handling the nuances of “Clubdom,” intricate drainage issues, and a fairly tight budget. Tim is obviously a very gifted architect, but what has impressed me most about him is that he does not have an ego. He is a sincere comprehensive listener that has a special gift to creatively design a master plan, and a gentle kind effectiveness to lead all involved through the renovation. He spent countless hours here (way more than he billed) meticulously ensuring each detail was carried through. Tim Liddy may not be as recognizable name as some of the others you may talk to, but I assure you he is a star!
— William Shonk, CCM, CCE

#15 Par 3, 205 Yards


#14 Par 4, 440 Yards

#3 Par 4, 410 yards


Fairway bunker guarding the left side of golf Hole #18

View of #7 green from across the inlet


View of #4 green

View of #4 green from left of fairway


Golf Hole #7, Par 3, 130 Yards

Preliminary sketch of Golf Hole #11, a par 3 at 192 yards