The evolution of a bunker on the Duke's St Andrews, 13th Golf Hole

Many times it is the small details we do that gives us the most pleasure. Dan Proctor and I spent many days finalizing the bunker on this special fairway, the Duke's St Andrews 13th golf hole. Not only did it guard the future best approach angle into the green, it accented the wonderful view out over the North Sea and the town of St Andrews. Here is a photo after it was recently constructed. You can see the small heather we planted along the top, blending it into the perimeter fescues. You will also notice the green had not yet been remodeled nor has new planting been added to screen the large home in the background.

Dukes 13.jpg

Here is a photo taken this summer. Notice how well the heather has taken root, softening the bunker edge and transitioning into the adjacent fescue. The bunker adds a foreground to the long view out to the North Sea and at the same time takes the golfers eye to the green. Also see how the adjoining residence is now screened out of view. The green now has been remodeled, bringing this bunker strategic significance. A bunker ten years later and the small details and joys of a golf course architect.