#13 Remodel

Hyde Park Golf & Country Club Golf Hole #13 Remodel

The revisions to golf hole #13 illustrate classic Donald Ross bunkering examples throughout the United States.  This particular bunker concept plan is taken from Ross’s fifth golf hole at Broadmoor Golf Course, built in 1922 in Indianapolis, Indiana. It will bring back the all-important design concept of temptation into the golf hole. The tee shot for the brave golfer must carry the bunker complex. They can then elect to play for the green in two shots, or the safe play away from the bunkers which will require three shots to the green. The new right-side bunkers in the second landing area also support the Ross risk/reward strategy.  Note, the dashed lines are the existing fairway, bunkers, cart path and trees that are changed on the color drawing.

The game is always better when it is played over hazards on the ground as opposed to hazards in the air (trees). Trees discriminate against those who cannot hit the ball high and they ask longer hitters to play up and over to unseen ground. There is not one great short par five in the country where hitting over (or around) trees is successful. What has been an awkward and sometimes dangerous par-5 has now been transformed into a hole with many more options for all classes of players and much safer. 

The before and after photos illustrate the dramatic change in playability and scale of the golf hole. You can see additional photos from Pat O'Brien's blog  here   .

 #13 Before remodeling last month.

 #13 Today after remodeling.

Concept Plan

Construction Drawing